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"With a cup of coffee in hands, I can sit in front of my computers all day long"

A Little Story About Me

My name is Jason. Technology is something I have been passionate about. I remember when I was a little kid, I always tried to play around and mess things up on my dad's computer. Every little touch, even about changing the color or the mouse cursor, always made me excited. I think it was where my passion for technology grows. It always has been a question: Why technology? For me, the answer is quite simple - technology has never failed to amaze me. Furthermore, I have been lucky enough to be born in the right generation to be able to keep up and observe of how technolgy changes the world. It was not a difficult decision for me to choose a major in Computer Science in college (Since I was doing great in Math, I have also earned a minor in Mathematical Sciences as well :P). I developed this website to share my passion and interest. One thing that I always enjoy about Computer Science and technology is problem solving. I love how we could have many different approaches to find the optimal solution. I always have a desire to learn and I will work harder and header until I achive more and more.hobbies As long as you have the passion to work hard, push yourself and not let anything get in your way, you will be successful. Beside technology, I also enjoy travelling, soccer, cars, and photography.

"I think the perfection of wealth and power is that things just become easier and easier when in reality as you raise the stakes thing become more stressful..." – Sean Parker


Summarize my skills in one little box


You cannot resist the love for templates. Your pick, and I'll get the job done.


Object-oriented programming with Java, C#, Swift. Other languages like HTML5, JS, CSS. You name it!


I'm familiar with SQL and RESTful API. I have had chances to work with them and I look forward taking advance steps.


Booooo... I'm somewhat familar with developing iOS apps. This is the area that I definitely love to improve.

Developer Tools

I have experience working with Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Xcode, text editor, and MVC Model.


I have learnt an old-school Waterfall as well as a modern methodolody like Agile.

Development Workflow

Git, you gotta love it. I always use git for development with a team or even myself.

Software Development

I have a firm understanding in Software Specification and Design, and Project Management.

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What is on the Table?

A variety of skillsets is offered including web design and software development

Web Design

Either using templates for custom designs. You are looking at the right place. Clients can choose a product that fits their needs.

Software Development

Developing skills to build and design a software that satisfies clients's needs. I am here to deliver the best.


This is a hobby. So if you like my collection, please drop a note.


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